Casio G Shock GA 2100 Watch
Casio G Shock GA 2100 Watch

Casio G Shock GA 2100 Watch

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Rugged and iconic, this is the perfect statement of G-Shock intent.

Inspired by the DW-5000C, the octagonal shape harks back to 1983, when G-Shock as a concept was blazing a trail for durable watches unlike anything else ever seen.
Bringing this right up to date, it features the new Carbon Core Guard structure, letting the watch have a slimmer and more wearable case without being oversize and bulky as in previous GA series watches.
The ana-digi movement is an almost overlooked part of the watch, but is a fantastic full-featured movement, with features usable in real world situations and everyday life.

The all matte black colour combination looks subtle, but shows off the construction of the case, but remains legible with luminous hands and markers.

  • 200 metre water resistance
  • Shock and dust resistant case
  • 24 hour digital chronograph and 24 hour countdown timer functions
  • Automatic Calendar
  • Carbon reinforced resin case
  • Dual illumination for dial and digital display
  • 5 daily alarms, as well as optional hourly signal beep
  • Dual time functionality
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